A day in the adventure park is a wonderful experience for groups of all sizes, and is perfectly suited for companies, school groups, sport teams, or other types of organizations.

Combine climbing with one of the team building activities and food for a complete program.


For group bookings please contact us by email before you start planning your visit.
We accept payment upon arrival or by invoice.


If you need accommodation along with your stay in the adventure park see our partners here.

Opening hours

Groups are welcome to visit both during and outside of our regular opening hours. See Prices and opening hours for more information.

High rope park


Enjoy an active day for the entire group! We provide equipment and training before everyone can climb by themselves in the climbing courses.

This will take approximately 3 hours

Group activities


Compete individually or in teams. We have different programs where all can be active simultaneously and have fun regardless of age.

See the complete list of team building activities further down at this page.

Food and drinks


End the lovely day with a meal together. We have a OFYR grill, gas grills, tables and benches under a roof. You can bring your own food for barbecue.

We can also arrange catering, ask us for prices.

Team building activities


For smaller groups under 20 people, we have put together a pentathlon with competitive activities on time and points.

Exercises included: Archery, balancing, thread trail, hammer the nail and milk pail throwing.

NOK 150 per person, minimum group price NOK 1500. Duration approx 60 min.


If you want a longer competition with more physical challenges. Adds two more activities to the pentathlon.

Exercises included: Archery, balancing, thread trail, hammer the nail, milk pail throwing, military obstacle course and bucket ball.

NOK 200 per person, minimum group price NOK 2000. Duration approx 90 min.

Team match

This is a competition for larger groups of 20-40 people where the group is divided into teams and compete in different activities.

Exercises included: Team skiing, green light, plank balancing, hammer the nail and memory relay.

NOK 100 per person, minimum group price NOK 2000. Duration approx 60 min.

Military obstacles course

Who is fastest trough the challenging obstacle course? A hard physical session where we guarantee high pulse and lots of fun.

The course is 120 meters long and have different obstacles to jump over, crawl under and for balancing. Can be arranged as relay or individual competition.

NOK 75 per person, minimum group price NOK 750. Duration approx 30 min.