High rope park

The high rope park is idyllically situated along the river in Valldal. We have erected various obstacles between large, shady trees and masts. Our 7 climbing courses span over 1400 meters in total.

The courses vary in height and difficulty. It is possible for parents to walk alongside the children’s course as their child progresses. The three family courses are divided into an easier and two more challenging courses. Finally, we have two tougher courses for those looking for an extra challenge.

Age limits

Children under 12 years of age must climb together with an adult in the green, blue and red courses.
In the two yellow courses adults can assist the children from the ground.

Height requirements

Get acquainted with our height requirements. We have different tickets based on the climber’s height.
You can find the requirements of the different courses at this page.

Other requirements

If weighing more than 120 kg, being pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are not allowed to climb.



There are a total of 56 obstacles spread over 7 courses. Most obstacles vary in difficulty and offer different types of challenges. The courses are graded with the colour codes yellow, green, blue and red where yellow is the easiest and red the most challenging.



Zip-lines are part of the climbing courses. Some of the zip-lines will take you over the river with flowing water underneath your feet. The longest zip-line is more than 125 meters long.



Safety is very important to us. Everyone who is climbing must take part of a briefing and training where our qualified instructors teach you everything you need to know before you can climb the courses. You must wear climbing harness and helmet.

Course map


Children’s course, easy
4 obstacles, 80m, 1 zip-line
Height requirement 80 cm


Children’s course, easy
4 obstacles, 65m, 1 zip-line
Height requirement 80 cm


Family Couse, easy/medium
7 obstacles, 140m, 1 zip-line
Height requirement 110 cm


Family course, medium
14 obstacles, 510m, 5 zip-lines
Height requirement 110 cm


Family course, medium
9 obstacles, 240m, 1 zip-lines
Height requirement 110 cm


Family course, difficult
11 obstacles, 350m, 2 zip-lines
Height requirement 140 cm


Sport course, difficult
7 obstacles, 70m
Height requirement 140 cm