Team bulding

We have several team building activities that can be combined with climbing. These are individual or team competitions where everyone can be active at the same time, and have fun regardless of age.
Bachelor party have team building

Groups of any size

A day in the adventure park is a wonderful experience for groups of all sizes, and is perfectly suited for companies, school groups, sport teams, or other types of organizations.

Combine climbing with one of the team building activities and food for a complete program.
Woman shooting on target with arch and arrow


For smaller groups under 20 people, we have put together a pentathlon with competitive activities on time and points.

Exercises included: Archery, item hunt, thread trail, hammer the nail and milk pail throwing.

Duration approx 60 min.

The champion

If you want a longer competition with more physical challenges. We have set together six games to crown the champion.

Exercises included: Archery, axe throwing, hammer the nail, milk pail throwing, military obstacle course and dead hang.

Duration approx 90 min.
Military obstacle course
Girls on team building

Team match

This is a competition for larger groups of 20-70 people where the group is divided into teams and compete in different activities.

Exercises included: Memory relay, item hunt, boot throwing, hammer the nail and stick running.

Duration approx 60 min.


End the lovely day with a meal together. We have two large grills, tables and benches under a roof. You can bring your own food for barbecue.

We can also serve lunch packs on request.
BBQ on the grills

Price list

You can find prices for all the various team building activities in our price list.
Prices and opening hours