About Valldal Aktivitetspark

Valldal Aktivitetspark was established with the goal of widening the specter of activities available to local residents and tourists in the area. The park is idyllically located at Hjelme, along the river Valldøla, and is naturally contained in a well-defined area.

Valldal Aktivitetspark AS

Valldal Aktivitetspark AS was established in March 2014 by Erlend Hjelme, Gro Marita Valdal and Nils Jarle Hjelme.On July 1st, 2014 the park was officially opened to a great success, and large numbers of visitors.

Erlend Hjelme is the manager and is currently the only parmanent employee. In the summer season we have in addition around 10 part time employees working in the park.

Organization number NO 913 302 621


The renowned company Høyt og Lavt, which among other accomplishments own and run Scandinavia’s largest climbing park, distributed and built all the climbing courses in Valldal. Valldal Aktivitetspark prioritizes safety above all else in the park. All obstacles and installations are responsibly erected according to industry standard EN – NS 15567. The park must undergo annual approval and receive an operating license from the Norwegian railway authority Statens Jernbanetilsyn (SJT).


Our goal is to focus on every day environmental issues and obtain sustainable management and good work ethics in our daily routines. We will also choose suppliers that are certified or looking to be certified within the near future.