Practical info

Buy tickets ahead of time to get the best price and to ensure available climbing harness upon your arrival.
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Contact us
Phone +47 480 90 599
Where to find us
Our street address is Døvingssida 420, 6210 Valldal


Purchase tickets online
We highly recommend purchasing your tickets on our webpage in advance to get the best price. A receipt will be emailed to you, show this to the ticket office to claim your tickets. Tickets must be purchased before 10:00 am the day of your visit. It’s not possible to buy tickets online after this deadline.


Det er også muleg å kome innom parken på såkalla drop-in. Då betalar du billett og skriv under eigenerklæring ved oppmøte. Vi har avgrensa kapasitet på klatreselar slik at ein kan risikere at det er fullt. Siste mulige drop-in er 2 timar før parken stenger.

Drop-in guests are also welcome. Simply purchase your tickets and sign the safety waiver when you arrive at the park. Unfortunately, we have a limited capacity of climbing harnesses, and drop-in visitors may have to wait for harnesses to become available. Last drop-in is two hours before closing.

Season pass

Season passes are sold on both our website and in the ticket office in the park. Season passes are personal and can only be used by one person. Do you own a season pass and want to make a reservation, enter Buy tickets on our website and choose the tab «Reservation». Select the date and purchase the reservation. You can also meet up at the park and show your season pass in the ticket office, but then you are not guaranteed a climbing harness if the park is fully booked. You will risk some waiting.

Gift cards
Gift cards must be purchased on our website at the Buy tickets page. You can choose from several different values on the card. When you buy gift cards you will receive an electronic gift certificate by email. This can be used as payment for all our day passes and season passes. If you do not use the full amount, the remaining amount can be used later. The gift cards are valid for one year after purchase.


All visitors must complete a training session before climbing on their own. The session takes approximately 15-20 minutes and is held by one of our qualified instructors. The instructor takes guests through everything they need to know to safely enjoy the park, after which each guest must demonstrate competency on a short training course.

Age and height requirements
There is no age limit for climbing in the park, but children under 12 years of age must climb under the supervision of an adult. Max 4 children per adult. The different courses have varying height requirements. To climb the children’s course, children must be at least 80 cm tall. Adults walk alongside the course. The four family courses have a height requirement of 110 cm, while the two sport courses have a height requirement of 140 cm.

Safety waiver
All climbers must read the safety rules and sign a safety waiver. One form per group / family. The form must be signed by a parent or an adult who is responsible for the group. If you purchase tickets online, the declaration is part of the booking process. Drop-in guests must sign the form upon arrival.

Use of drones in the park is forbidden. If bringing a drone to the park without permit, we will confiscate it upon arrival, and return it when you leave.We can allow drones for special events, or group visits outside opening hours.Please contact us upon arrival if you are planning a visit wishing to use a drone.

Food and drink

In the kiosk we sell hot-dogs, cake, snacks, mineral water, ice cream, coffee and tea. Tables and chairs are available outside the kiosk. To sit in this area, you need to buy food or drinks from the kiosk.

Feel free to bring your own food into the park. We have benches and tables placed throughout the park, where guests are free to relax and refuel.

We have grills available inside the park where guests can prepare their own food or food purchased at the kiosk. Feel free to eat at the benches and picnic tables throughout the park, or inside our picnic shelter.

Weather and proper clothing

The park is generally not weather dependent, but extreme winds or thunderstorms can force us to temporarily shut down portions of the park. The large trees in the park provide some shelter from rain, and under our picnic shelter it is always perfectly dry.

Proper clothing
Light hiking or training clothing is recommended. Be prepared for the weather. Dress in layers, as climbing can be physically demanding and many guests become quite warm. Tennis shoes are great for climbing. Keep in mind that the grass is often wet after rain showers. At the kiosk we have thin climbing gloves for sale, in case your hands are cold, or you prefer extra comfort.


Parking is immediately found, just off the main road. Please park in the marked spots. Parking is free and for guests only. No camping allowed.

At the end of the parking lot, adjacent to the park entrance, you will find our toilet facilities. Toilets are wheelchair accessible and include a changing table.

Feel free to bring your dog to the park as long as they are not hazardous to anyone. Be sure to keep it on a leash, and please clean up its mess.

The park is strictly smoke free.