Accommodation in Valldal

If you need accommodation in Valldal together with your visit in the adventure park we are happy to recommend one of our partners.


We are happy to give you recommendations for food and accommodation when you visit us in the park.

Lavvo and cabins

Valldal Camping
Tent camp for groups of 10-40 persons. Perfect for school classes and bachelor parties.

Gjerde Camping
High standard cabins with 5-7 beds and smaller basic cabins.

Muri Hytteutleige
High standard cabins in several sizes. Located by the fjord close to the centre of Valldal.

Jemtegård Feriesenter
Jemtegård Holiday Resort is a family-friendly campsite with cabins and caravans for rent. Camping for for tents and vans.

Valldal gjestgiveri
Guest house with 18 beds in 9 rooms. Well equipped kitchen / living room.

Cabins at Jemtegård Feriesenter
Cabins at Gjerde Camping
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Valldal Fjor
ocated just a few meters from the fjord and has breathtaking views of fjords and mountains.

Blåtind Boutique Hotel
A small family run hotel with 20 rooms and suites. Locatad idyllically between Stordal and Valldal

Valldal Fjord Lodge B&B
Right in the heart of idyllic Valldal. Family rooms, 3-bed rooms and double rooms. Upgraded in 2021.

Juvet Landskapshotell
Landscape Hotel in wonderful surroundings at Gudbrandsjuvet.

Sylte Hotell
In the center of Valldal. An old hotel from 1874 with a lot of history. Double rooms and family suite. Upgraded in 2022.

Valldal Fjordhotell
Juvet Landskapshotell
Blåtind Boutique Hotel
Valldal Fjord lodge
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