Tips for an active autumn in Valldal

The summer will soon end, and now a fresh autumn full of opportunities awaits. In Valldal, there is always something to do regardless of the season.

Nice autumn days in the climbing park

Autumn can offer both warm blowing winds from the east and cold winds from the north-west. Regardless of the weather, a family day at Valldal Aktivitetspark will offer great challenges and memorable experiences.

If you have a season ticket, autumn is absolutely perfect for getting value for money as we have less traffic, plenty of space and little queues. If you have visited us earlier this year, you are also exempt from training and can swing straight up your favorite trail when you have checked in. Maybe you have a birthday you want to celebrate? Our kiosk has the "world's best" chocolate cake and delicious grilled sausages.

Fresh experiences in messy autumn weather can be an experience in itself, as long as you dress well. Wool on the inside, warm woolen socks and waterproof shoes are a good idea to keep your feet warm. And if you keep your feet warm, you might be able to climb through all the slopes before you leave for the day?

Gathering the family around a wood-fired fire pan with something good on the grill is an important part of the experience of a day out in nature. We have two large fire pits with plenty of space around them, and tables with benches both under the roof and outside. Bring your favorite food and make yourself a good lunch out with the family.

We are open every Saturday until mid-September. For groups, we can also stay open on other days, just contact us by e-mail. If the weather is good, we will also be open a few days during the autumn holidays.

Kids climbing
A boy in the troll dungeon
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Troll Dungeon escape maze, pizza and bowling

In the center you will find Kulå Bowling and TrollDungeon escape maze in the same building. At Kulå, they are open Friday to Sunday throughout the autumn and otherwise open by appointment on weekdays. Four bowling alleys, billiards and air hockey are activities that attract most people. They also offer gourmet burgers and various types of pizza, and they also have a children's menu.

At TrollDungeon, they only accept groups by booking, so it's a good idea to plan the trip to Valldal, whether it's the extended family or work going on the trip. The recommended age limit in the escape labyrinth is 12 years, but it is possible to bring younger children up to 8 years old in teams with adults. Since this is an indoor activity, the weather will never be a challenge. A round in the escape maze takes about 30 minutes to complete, and a maximum of 5 people can enter at the same time.

Kayak trip for the family

For families with slightly older children, it will be a wonderful experience to paddle out on the fjord and experience the magnificent nature. The outdoor guide has tours to order, and a family tour lasts 3 hours. With double kayaks you travel safely and stably on the fjord and children as young as 5 years old can take part in the trip. Warm suits and good equipment make the trip comfortable even in autumn. Book a family trip with Uteguiden here.

Overnight trip?

It is easy to spend several days when you take the trip into beautiful Valldal and the surrounding area. If you need accommodation, everything from cabins to hotels is here. Valldal Fjordhotell is open for bookings beyond autumn, and is nicely located right by the fjord. The same has Blåtind Boutique Hotel in Stordal. Here we have an overview of accommodation places in the council.

Feel free to stop by a farm sale on the way home for new potatoes, carrots, cabbage, apples and pears, and cucumbers. You can find garden sales at Døving, Myklebust, at Storstova, at Berdal and at Linge.

If you need help with the planning, contact us by email or phone +47 480 90 599

Two kayaks on the fjord
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