Valldal Aktivitetspark

Welcome to the most exciting family park for climbing and activities!
We have more than 1400 meters of tree-and-post climbing courses. The courses are divided into four different difficulty levels and are suitable for all ages. In July you will also find the Trolls from Trollstad having safe and fun activities for children.

Make your way to Valldal Aktivitetspark for an active experience for the whole family!

Buy your ticket in advance for the best price and to ensure available climbing harness upon your arrival.


Booking must be done by midnight the day before you arrive.
Check availability at our booking page. To check drop-in availability call us at +47 48090599 in the morning on the current day. Our ticket-office opens at 9 am.

Climbing Park

  • Two special courses designed for the youngest children
  • Three family courses for adults and children taller than 110 cm
  • Two tough courses for those in search of a challenge
  • A total of 11 zip-lines throughout the climbing courses

For children

  • Two fun and challenging climbing courses with zip-lines
  • Play area with a big bouncy, slide and sandbox
  • The trolls are present and engage in games and activities from June 29th until August 11th


  • We welcome groups in and outside regular opening hours
  • Group activities like pentathlon and team building in addition to climbing
  • A nice grill area available for preparing your own food

Food and grill

Hot dogs, toast, ice cream, coffee/tea etc. in the kiosk. Grills available for free use.


Enjoy our beautiful park and take a stroll by the river.

Video from the high rope park

Buy your ticket online to get the best price. Limited availability.